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For the Good Of The Order


How are we going to change the world?

How about one community at a time?


Community involvement takes on many shapes and sizes...volunteer opportunities, fundraising opportunities, and then the beneficiaries of those endeavors.


Evolving from two initial nonprofit projects established through a fiscal sponsor, the idea of the GoTo-Team developed out of an idea for nonprofits to cooperatively fundraise as opposed to competitively fundraise.  This approach allows organizations with a charitable purpose to focus on purpose rather than fundraising requirements and resultant overhead.


Through a tutoring and mentoring project, scholarships have been awarded to graduating seniors performing community service, not because it was required, but because it was the right thing to do.  The funds were raised exclusively from proceeds from tutoring other students within the community. 


In 2010, the idea of the Ohio Endowment for Art, Music and Physical Education (OEARTS) was developed with the goal of paying faculty salaries in those selected curricula recognizing their contribution to student academic success and using the higher education model to fund those positions. The result is eliminating competition for tax revenues prioritizing faculty positions.


Due to the enormity of the fiscal requirement to reach the goal of an endowment large enough to support the number of faculty in those positions, it was recognized that the demand could very well aggravate competition for already limited funds supporting other established charitable endeavors that are performing community services very much equal to or greater than OEARTS.


Hence, the pursuit of tools fostering cooperation rather than competition...and perpetual versus support of community service fundraising efforts.


The Bottom Line Question!

How to best use what one has,

or has been given,

to pay it forward more efficiently and effectively?


The answer is summed up thusly... 

It's not all about ME...Money Earned!

It's all about US...Understanding Stewardship!

© 2012 Paul Hederstrom